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Sometimes I struggle with relating to people when it comes to their worries about their children. It’s an interesting perspective having a Jack, 2 and Olivia, 4. Jack can talk and tell us that his stomach hurts or that he’s not happy. Olivia cannot. When Olivia acts “off” in anyway it throws jolts through my family. Our stress levels go through the roof and all we can do is hope… hope that she will be ok... hope that she won’t seize… hope that it will pass quickly – whatever it is.

If only Olivia could talk to us and tell us what she feels. Why the pensive lips? Does your stomach hurt? Do you have a headache? Do you ache all over? Why the pensive lips? It LITERALLY drives us crazy.

All you want for your child (any parent) is for them to be happy and healthy. To live the best life, they can live. That is all I want for Olivia. That and I wish she could talk to me. Tell me how she feels. Tell me how she sees the world. Tell me if she is happy.

I do believe that one day Olivia will talk. I’ve believed it from the day she was born. Call it mothers’ intuition. But until then I will try my best not to explode from anxiety and worry and to comfort her the best I can.

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