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Liv4TheCure is always looking for donations to help us with events or to fund research which is our ultimate goal.  Here are ways you can help us or if you would like to volunteer please contact us at

Parents or Caregivers of Children

With Chromosomal Deletions

Patient registries are super important when it comes to research.  Make sure you have enrolled in a registry for your chromosomal deletion and if you haven't and don't know how to please contact us at!


We are looking to link up with families that are affected by chromosomal deletion syndromes.  If you are someone that matches that profile, contact us!  We'd love to link up or tell your story!



Make a donation online

Donate goods or services to our annual Silent Auction or other events

Suggest fundraising events or volunteer to help man our events


Support Liv4TheCure every time you shop at

You can also shop at our personalized Liv4TheCure Shop on Zazzle:


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