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"Slow down and listen"

As a mom to a special needs child, or to any child rather, you are GOING. You spend your day doing absolutely anything and everything to ensure the day continues to move forward and moves forward well. You have it set in your mind that your child's day is successful if you do everything correctly.

Paper work Organized? ✔️ Lunch packed? ✔️ Breakfast given? ✔️ Child dressed? Shoes on? ✔️ ✔️ Hair fixed? ✔️

There is no room for error in the morning routine. Everything has a set amount of time and then you are out the door...until you have those mornings that put a hiccup in that perfect routine. These moments can feel so hectic and chaotic that you have to majorly fan yourself and remind yourself to breathe.

I had that hectic experience this morning. Peyton and I were 5 minutes away from heading out the door, when she decided to throw up on her outfit, her body and in her hair. Immediately frazzled, my mind went into super speed mode. I simultaneously worried she was going to start seizing while getting her cleaned up and re-dressed to head out the door. There was a blip in the routine and I was so frazzled. She was going to be late and her hair looked slightly like a birds nest. The perfect morning routine became crazy in just a few minutes. I may think I have it all under control and in an instant, the picture looks nothing like I wanted. As much as I would like to think so sometimes, I can "control" all I want and things still won't go according to (my) plan.

After finally loading Peyton and all of her school stuff into the car, I turned around and saw Peyton so calm, collected and cute as ever (bird nest hair or not). I heard the Lord say, "Slow down and listen... Everything is going to be okay; I have everything under control. The small mishaps are not nearly as big as you make them to be."

I am continuing to learn and trust that God will sustain me through the messy and stressful details of the day, all the while leaving the beautiful picture of life intact.

And this sweet girl, is the most beautiful picture. 💕

You can follow Jessica Farley's blog, whose mission is to raise awareness and seek to grow love, understanding, and acceptance for a rare syndrome (Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome) on Facebook: Journey With Me, Peyton Lea on Facebook.

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