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It just scares me…

We knew that once Jack went to school that we would get sickness in our house. I dreaded what that meant for us. I know everyone dreads sickness but with Olivia its utter fear. Two weeks into school, Jack got sick. A wicked cold that made him cough to the point he threw up and it lingered for a full week. He got sick on Thursday and by Sunday Olivia started in with the symptoms. First the fever – total fear of a seizure. Second the cough and mucus issues – fear of not being able to help her feel better. I’m covered in fear. I hate it… I know its just a cold but to us it is so much more. It’s been almost a week now, antibiotics and lots of other meds to try to help the symptoms and she’s still sick… and I’m sick… Jack is finally better. I wish that I could just make it better for her. I’m sure just like everyone else feels about their sick kid. I wish I could put her in a bubble and protect her from everything.

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